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Susan Maughan

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Marion Susan Maughan was born in 1942, in Consett, County Durham and when she was 15 her family moved to Birmingham. She enjoyed singing and wanted to be a professional singer in a big band but before her break into show business Susan took work as a short hand typist. She read an advert for a girl singer for the Ronnie Hancock Band and after a successful audition, ended up working with them for three years. Keen to pursue her career she went to London in 1961, and won a recording contract. She was also offered the featured singer position with the Ray Ellington Quartet.

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Susan recorded several singles before a cover version of Marcie Blane's 'Bobby's Girl' was released in 1962, it shot to #3 in the UK charts.

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At 21 her success came at a time when teenage singers were the vogue and was pitted against the likes of Helen Shapiro

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Despite her cracking voice, Susan was never able to repeat the same top ten successes but did carry on recording and performing. "Hand A Handkerchief To Helen" (1963) and "She's New To You" were only minor hits in the UK. Between 1960-63 Tin Pan Alley mogulsin the UK, kept cash registers filled by adhering to tried & tested musical tastes of previous decades. Fearing a resurgence of Rock'n'Roll, and in particular Race Music, the industry dumbed-down the teenage market & commercially stifled originality.

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Susan did sing at the 1963 Royal Command Performance, and appeared in What a Crazy World (1963) with Joe Brown.

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In 1965, along with a host of other pop stars such as The Beatles, Billy J. Kramer, the Animals, Peter And Gordon, Matt Monro, and Herman’s Hermits, she appeared in the ‘mock concert’ film called Pop Gear (Go Go Mania in the US) .

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A year later she sang the title song for the spy movie, Where the Bullets Fly (1966).

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Changing tastes in music meant Susan had no more hits but she did continued to record with a full orchestra (Swingin’ Susan) and jazz band (Hey Look Me Over). By the '70s she had faded from the music business but did return in the early 90s to join Jess Conrad, in the UK tour of The Golden Sounds Of The Sixties. Susan continued to record and perform on the club circuit.

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