Monday, January 19, 2009

Emperor Rosko ( Michael Pasternak)

Michael Pasternak (aka Emperor Rosko) is the son of Hollywood film producer Joe Pasternak (The Great Caruso (1951); The Student Prince (1954); Where the Boys Are (1960) Please Don't Eat the Daisies (1960); and The Courtship of Eddie's Father (1963) among others). He was educated in Paris, Switzerland Japan and California. Young Michael started broadcasting whilst serving in the US navy then took a broadcasting course in San Francisco. His broadcast heroes were Emperor Hudson (KYA Los Angeles) and Wolfman Jack. His first job as a broadcaster was with a French radio station before joining Radio Caroline South in 1964. Roscoe’s microphone style was reminiscent of American Top 40 radio which went down well with his UK audience. His stage name caused quite concern with French authorities when he left Caroline in 1967 to return to France. Being a republic the French took exception to the title Emperor and he changed it to Le President Rooks hosting a popular afternoon show on the French Radio Luxembourg. Still based in France Rooks joined Radio1 and sent his taped shows to London. The ‘jive talking’ Rooks championed reggae, new Motown, and rock music with enormous listening figures. He stayed with Radio 1 until September 1976, and then left for America to join his father, who was suffering from Parkinson's disease. The Emperor can still be heard and sends his taped shows to the UK and Europe.

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