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Judy Stone

Judy Stone was born on the 1st January 1942. She started as a country music singer and appeared on country shows around Sydney. Junior to established artists like Reg Lindsay and Slim Dusty, she felt edged out and began experimenting with rock-a-billy style which received some chart success. Judy became a regular feature on Bandstand (Australia) and soon she was the nation’s favourite.

As a regular performer she was paired off with Col Joye and they recorded and did many shows together. Bandstand was a popular TV showcase of young talent both local and international. Based on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand the show ran through from 1958-1972. Bandstand came at the height of rock'nroll era and launched many Australian favourites including Col Joye, Little Pattie, Johnny Devlin, Bryan Davies, Digby Richards, The Bee Gees, The Allen Brothers (the duo that included Peter Allen), and Olivia Newton-John among many others. The program was still the premier music show at the start of the beat boom of 1964-65, but unlike its American namesake, which featured a wide range of newer groups, the changes in the music scene largely passed Bandstand by.

Although The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan were reshaping popular music, there was little evidence of this on Bandstand, where it was business as usual with the clean-cut, short-haired, neatly dressed members of The Bandstand Family. Music trends changed but Bandstand aged with its original audience, bringing in more and more elements from jazz, country and club entertainment. By 1972 Bandstand was irrelevant to current trends in Australian popular music. Needles to say it did help many Australian rockers. Judy Stone‘s popularity continued and in her career she received three Logies and 8 prestigious 'MO' awards. She was a “well kent face,” in the business and sang and recorded with many of her contemporaries including the Bee Gees. It takes a lot (to make me cry) was recorded with the boys in 1963 in Sydney. The Bee Gees were by chance in the studio the day Judy was cutting this vocal. The Bee Gees could not resist the invitation to sing backup. Now managed by Col Joye and his brother Kevin Jacobson. They worked on the careers of artists like Little Pattie and Judy Stone, and had been instrumental in unearthing the Bee Gees, and encouraging Barry Gibb to write his own songs.

Throughout the 60s and early 70s Judy has several major national hits including '4,003,221 Tears From Now' (1964), 'Born a Woman' (1966), '(Would you Lay With Me) in a Field of Stone' (1974), 'Mare Mare Mare' (1974), 'Hasta Manana' (1976) and 'Silver Wings & Golden Rings' (1976).

Judy Stone is a survivor of throat cancer and has still continued to perform but due to her health kept it to a minimum. In 1984 she was inducted into Australia Country Music Hands of Fame .

Worth a listen:
Danger! Heartbreak Ahead (1961)
You're Driving Me Mad / It Takes A Lot (To Make Me Cry) ( 1961)
It takes a lot (to make me cry) Judy Stone (with the Bee Gees) (1963)
'4,003,221 Tears from now' (1964),
'Hasta Manana' (1976)

Col Joye
Oh yeah, uh huh (1958)

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